Expand paste 50 ml


Expand paste

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  • Water-based white paste, which can be expanded with a heatgun, creating a soft, embossed surface. Perfect to use with stencils.
  • Decorate your object with the paste, then wait until it is completely dried before you start expanding it.
  • Move the heatgun above the pattern, be careful not to burn it!
  • Make sure that the object you want to decorate is heat proof!
  • In case you apply the paste on fabric, you can expand it by ironing from
    the rear side, through a parchment paper, using cotton grade.
  • Put a towel under your fabric, so the slight press of the ironing will not flatten your pattern.
  • These products work very well with Decoupage Queen rice paper, from paints, glues, crackles, and metallic effects, you will not be disappointed.