Pentart Patina Effect Set – 4 pc Natural Patina


Pentart Patina Effect Set – 4 pc Natural Patina

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  • Ever wanted to make something rusty but weren’t exactly sure how to achieve that look? Here is the answer…
  • Realistic Rust look with this 4 piece set
  • NOTE: You need IRON PASTE in order for the Patina Effects to work properly-this can be found under the Pentart Category
  • Pentart products are top shelf media imported from EuropeThe set contains 3 reagents and a rust effect powder to create rusty surfaces. Mix the powder into Primer Paste, Iron Paste or sprinkle on top of Repositionable Hobby Glue, or still wet pastes, paints, gels. Then drop the 3 reagents on top alternately.

    Use a soft brush to blend where the reagents meet. The reaction will start immediately however the final result will be visible after 24 hours.

    It is recommended to do trials before applying it on the designated object.

    For Demonstrations:

  • Click line for Youtube Link video: