Super Glass Resin 1:1 set 40 ml


Super Glass Resin 1:1 set 40 ml

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  • Pentart products are top shelf media imported from EuropeTwo component, transparent craft resin having a non-yellowing formula.
  • Mix the two components in 1:1 ratio by volume.
  • Apply in silicon moulds or pour directly on top of your object.
  • Recommended to use it for smaller objects and surfaces.
  • The thickness of a layer should not exceed 20 mm in case of moulds, however you can cast more layers to create thicker objects.
  • You will be able to remove the casted object after 24 hours of drying time, but the material will still be flexible at this point.
  • The total drying time is 72 hours, then the material will become very stiff and durable.
  • For colouring add Resin Tint for opaque or Media Ink for transparent colours and Art Micas and Metal Pigments for extra sparkle.
  • For special effects you can also include into your resin projects Metal Flakes, Galaxy Flakes, Coloured Foil Flakes or Microbeads.
  • Use the Rubbing Alcohol to clean your tools, remove bubbles or to reach special effects.
  • You can also use a cooking torch to remove the bubbles.
  • The cured resin can be sanded and polished.