XL Scrappy’s Cradle Tool-The answer to all your Rolly project needs!


XL Scrappy’s Cradle Tool


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  • Ever struggle while trying to create on something round and it keeps rolling away? You shove whatever you can find to hold your piece steady. lol!
  • Here is your answer… Resting cradle frame for all your rolly project needs. Don’t ever let them roll away on you again!
  • This will fit just about any size, wide and long but intended for larger round peices
  • Made by me personally
  • Made out of pine
  • It has a perfect degree cut to keep your project secure
  • 11.5″ long-5″ wide-1.5 High-Opening the middle is 2″
  • Comes plain raw wood
  • Decoupage it, stain it, paint it, transfers, stamps, do nothing, option is yours
  • They are not exactly perfect but they are pretty darn good, sanded & such!