A little about Tracy & Scrappy’s Rustics!

My name is Tracy! I am happily married to my best friend for 26+ years! I was introduced to crafting as a small child and the love for it never left me. All through my adult years, I would create and craft here and there but never really had the time nor the space to focus on crafting or myself for that matter. Raising a family, working full-time, all the things, I always seemed to put my needs last. I am pretty sure almost everyone can relate. Finally in my late 40’s, I am not really sure how to explain it but I decided in my own mind that its going to be about me now! I dropped all the guilt I carried around most of my life and started focusing on me…What does Tracy want…What does Tracy need! From there, things just started falling into place. We had recently remodeled the back of our house due to some issues. One half is a gorgeous screened in porch and the other an insulated, full of windows aluminum room that we were unsure of how we were going to use it. Covid hit right when the remodel was just about done and I was forced to create a workstation area for myself so I could work from home. Well, the rest of the room ended up turning into my craft room! It was the perfect space, bright, cheery and roomy! I can not explain in words how bringing crafting back into my life at this level has done for my soul! I feel renewed and the closest to peace I have ever been! I am excited and eager to inspire others with my crafts and creations. Be sure to follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Scrappys-Rustics-103529135018721 & Instagram https://www.Instagram.com/scrappys_rustics/. I have big plans for the future, I hope you all come along for the ride with me as my adventure is just beginning and the best is yet to come! One step at a time! Peace and Love!

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