Chalk Synthesis Paint


Chalk Synthesis Paint


New Desert Sunset Collection-Available in 8oz & 16oz


  • Chalk Synthesis Paint is often referred to as our “chalk-style paint”. It is a clay-based mineral paint that is incredibly smooth with unbelievable adhesion and rich color pigmentation. Our Chalk Synthesis Paint makes painting furniture simple and easy; it’s also perfect for creative blended, layered, or distressed finishes. Be sure to seal your painted furniture with any of our finishing products to protect your paint so it stands the test of time. To take your furniture painting to the next level, try it with one of our decadent Glazes.
  • Available in Pints, Quarts, and Gallons. A pint (16oz by volume) covers approximately 80sq feet & a Quart (32oz by volume) covers approximately 160sq feet.
  • Chalk Synthesis Paint has an extensive color palette,  please note that colors will vary depending on your screen settings. See Images in listing

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Type & Size

16oz Earth, 16oz Fireside, 16oz Ivory, 16oz Joshua Tree, 16oz Native Clay, 16oz Red Rock, 16oz Thunderstruck, 8oz Earth, 8oz Fireside, 8oz Ivory, 8oz Joshua Tree, 8oz Native Clay, 8oz Red Rock, 8oz Thunderstruck, Pint (16oz) 1987, Pint (16oz) Abyss, Pint (16oz) Anchor, Pint (16oz) Antique Villa, Pint (16oz) Atomic Blue, Pint (16oz) Bees Wax, Pint (16oz) Begonia, Pint (16oz) Black, Pint (16oz) Black Cherry, Pint (16oz) Blackberry, Pint (16oz) Blush, Pint (16oz) Bone, Pint (16oz) Botanical, Pint (16oz) Bowie, Pint (16oz) Carbon, Pint (16oz) Charleston Green, Pint (16oz) Chocolate, Pint (16oz) Citron, Pint (16oz) Deep Turquoise, Pint (16oz) Dijon, Pint (16oz) Dried Thyme, Pint (16oz) Golden Rod, Pint (16oz) Graphic Slate, Pint (16oz) Gray Linen, Pint (16oz) Grecian Clay, Pint (16oz) Higgins Lake, Pint (16oz) Inkwell, Pint (16oz) Iron Oxide, Pint (16oz) Isles Ave, Pint (16oz) Joyful, Pint (16oz) Kashmir, Pint (16oz) Limestone, Pint (16oz) Madrid, Pint (16oz) Mandarina, Pint (16oz) Mermaid Kiss, Pint (16oz) Military Bronze, Pint (16oz) Nautilus, Pint (16oz) Peppercorn, Pint (16oz) Petal, Pint (16oz) Poseidon, Pint (16oz) Prussian Blue, Pint (16oz) Refurbished Gentlemen, Pint (16oz) Relic, Pint (16oz) Republic Red, Pint (16oz) Restoration, Pint (16oz) River Rock, Pint (16oz) Robins Egg, Pint (16oz) Rock Steady, Pint (16oz) Sapphire, Pint (16oz) Sea Salt, Pint (16oz) Siren Song, Pint (16oz) Smokey Quartz, Pint (16oz) Snow Owl, Pint (16oz) Spanish Olive, Pint (16oz) Starlight Blue, Pint (16oz) Tourmaline, Pint (16oz) Tumeric, Pint (16oz) Vintage Duck Egg, Pint (16oz) Weathervane, Quart (32oz) 1987, Quart (32oz) Abyss, Quart (32oz) Antique Villa, Quart (32oz) Atomic Blue, Quart (32oz) Bees Wax, Quart (32oz) Begonia, Quart (32oz) Black, Quart (32oz) Black Cherry, Quart (32oz) Bone, Quart (32oz) Bowie, Quart (32oz) Carbon, Quart (32oz) Cypress, Quart (32oz) Deep Turquoise, Quart (32oz) Dijon, Quart (32oz) Dried Thyme, Quart (32oz) Golden Rod, Quart (32oz) Graphic Slate, Quart (32oz) Gray Linen, Quart (32oz) Higgins Lake, Quart (32oz) Inkwell, Quart (32oz) Iron Oxide, Quart (32oz) Isles Ave, Quart (32oz) Kashmir, Quart (32oz) Limestone, Quart (32oz) Nautilus, Quart (32oz) Peppercorn, Quart (32oz) Poseidon, Quart (32oz) Prussian Blue, Quart (32oz) Refurbished Gentlemen, Quart (32oz) Republic Red, Quart (32oz) River Rock, Quart (32oz) Sapphire, Quart (32oz) Sea Salt, Quart (32oz) Siren Song, Quart (32oz) Smokey Quartz, Quart (32oz) Snow Owl, Quart (32oz) Spanish Olive, Quart (32oz) Vintage Duck Egg, Quart (32oz) Weathervane

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