Wax Paste Transparent 30 ml


Wax Paste Transparent

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  • Pentart Transparent Wax Paste is a versatile beeswax-based with orange oil which protects surfaces and can be used as a carrier for adhering Pentart Rub-on Chrome and Chameleon Effect Pigment Powders. This wax can be used in so many ways, including on your molds…Too much to list but some ideas below:How to apply:
    • Apply by rubbing on with your finger or with a soft cloth.
    • After applying Transparent Wax to a painted or unpainted wood, let dry then buff to desired shine.
    • Use Transparent Wax Paste with Pentart Rub On Chrome Effect Pigment Powders, or with Chameleon Effect Pigment Powders. Transparent Wax Paste acts as a carrier to adhere your pigment powders to your project surface, such as plastic, wood, papier mache.

    Uses and Project Ideas:

    • Stencil a design onto bare wood with Transparent Wax Paste, remove stencil, let Wax Paste dry, then apply a gel stain or antiquing gel or paste for color and contrast in your stenciled design. The Transparent Wax part of your stenciled design will have a wax resist effect and create a contrasting design with your gel stain or antiquing paste.
    • Create stripes by taping off sections of a wooden project and rub on Transparent Wax Paste to create contrasting stripes.
    • Transparent Wax will protect wood and is waterproof after drying for 24 hours.